Empowerment Through Creativity

ANCOVA EMPOWERMENT PROJECT is an organization designed to empower young people who have faced behavioral, social, economic, or legal challenges. The students in our program have positive and constructive experiences while gaining life skills and learning how to overcome obstacles to their success. By working with accomplished professional artist/teachers on high-level projects such as films, musical recordings, and live performances, AEP students gain interpersonal and technical skills that boost their self-esteem and give them the tools they need to succeed. 


The technical and professional skills that AEP students could learn include film and stage production, writing, visual art, marketing, teamwork, composing, and how to play a musical instrument. 

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Learn, Create, Share

Each twelve week session consists of individual and team lessons with our faculty. In week one, the student begins individual lessons and Learns a technical or artistic skill. At week four the students and faculty begin working in teams to Create an artistic project. At week seven the teams prepare to Share their projects with the public. 


We believe creativity in the arts teaches empowerment in life.


Ancova Empowerment Project (hereinafter “AEP” which includes its faculty, officers, employees, contractors, board members, agents and assigns) is an organization designed to help young people who have faced behavioral, economic, or legal challenges to have positive and constructive experiences while gaining life skills and learning how to overcome obstacles to their success.


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